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The wood dough bowl candle makes the perfect gift for anyone!  They would be a beautiful addition to your home decor and the best thing, when the wax is gone your bowl can be used for so many things!


-Top notes of uplifting lime and orange add brightness to luscious blackberry, raspberry, and sparkling champagne middle notes. Sugar and praline add a touch of sweetness at the base while a hint of pine provides outdoorsy freshness.

- 100% Natural soy wax

- Approximately 16oz of wax in each bowl. (Sizes vary slightly)

- Fragrances used are natural oils and phthalate free.

- Each wood bowl is unique and may vary slightly in its shape and color.  

-Approx. 9"- 10"L x 6"- 7"W x 2"- 3"D

- These are rustic candles and no two are exactly alike.

- Each candle has 3 cotton wicks, with a metal disc at the bottom of each       wick.

- Candles may have a slight yellowing/brown tinge on the top of the candle due to exposure to light but does not affect burn quality.




Blackberry Sangria~Wood Bowl Candle

  • -  Allow your candle to melt completely around the top for the first burn, this will ensure more even burns.  Ideally, allow your candle to melt across the top each time it burns.

    -   Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

    -  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, trim your wick to 1/4" before each re-lighting.  This will help your candle burn cleanly without soot and will prolong your candles life.

    -  Once 1/4" of wax remains in your candle it should no longer be burned.  Most candles self extinguish at the end, this happens on purpose.  In the event that this does not happen, simply blow out candle at this point.

    -  Use a candle snuffer or lightly blow your candle out when you are ready to extinguish your flame.  NEVER use water!

    -Store candles in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.  Wax may discolor over time, but this does not affect burn quality, just the appearance.


All items are shipped within 5-7  business days of purchase, or sooner.  Some items are available for local pick-up only.

If you order more than one item, they may arrive in separate packages.

All sales are final, unless your item/s arrive damaged. 

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